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Spot removal pen MSLDP04

One time treat forever remove. plasma pen MSLDP04 can avoid various lesions caused by bleeding and medical risk. Treatment does not hurt dermal tissue, leaving no scar after healing pits.


Spot remover | spot removal pen MSLDP04

stain remover pen


Plasma pen

Pigment remove

without bleeding, one time treat forever remove


micro place scanning hand control

Energy exchange



turn on can be used

Cool down

Do not need cool down

Service life

10 years





Power level

two level

 dark spots on cheeks

Operation steps

1. connect device to power supply
2. Using alcohol to blot out the patient's skin, for big size need to do surface anesthesia
3, keep patient stable and don;t move, people handle this instrument also need to keep hand stable.
4, Click the bottom to do treatment, for mole remove need to keep around 5mm distand away from effected area
5. After treatment need to use some anti-inflammatory drugs daub . 

how to get rid of dark spots

Environmental requirements and working conditions:

Ambient temperature: 0


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