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Weight loss equipment machine MSLHF09

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Fast body slimming | weight loss equipment machine MSLHF09

The Love Deformation Plan is from Korean cosmetology research and development institutions exclusive detrusion sweep across the globe and the latest non- invasive fat soluble detoxification shaping technology and equipment.

Fast body slimming

Operation Method of  ultrashape slimming machine

1. Put the handle on the treatment target part, rub then causes cavitation effect.
2.The system will send high intensity focused ultrasound energy to target parts, lock subcutaneous fat layer under 1.5-1.0-0.7cm in one second and fast dissolve fat cells.
3.Persistent damage to fat cells of the treated area, energy only working in the subcutaneous fat, skip the epidermis and the corium layer muscles or bones will not be hurt at all.
4.Use BIO stimulating and improving cell's ATP and broken fragments and triglycerides of fat cells and other substances, 8-12 weeks will be excreted from the body through lymphatic circulation, metabolism.
5.In the course of treatment, stimulate the dermal collagen, elastic expansion, improve skin adhesion, achieve a dual effect shaping at the same time.
weight loss equipment machine MSLHF09
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Medical Slimming Principle of  ultrashape slimming machine
1.Using accurate non- thermal spiral- type energy dynamic pulsed ultrasound. It can automatically lock subcutaneous fat layer under 1.5-1.0-0.7cm.
2. Able to permanently dissolve fat cells in single treatment.
3. And then use BIO to activate and improve the cell's ATP and make toxins discharged out of body.
4. Dynamic focusing pulsed ultrasound stimulate and increase collagen cells in the dermis. and then renew flabby skin after lipolysis.
weight loss equipment machine

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Two Handles ofmming machine 
1. Focus Lipolysis —- It's a nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) wave with one million time per second vibration frequency. so can directly reach deeper subcutaneous tissue. After NMR up to max frequency. it will create strong impact between cells which will be burst immediately, then fat cells quantity reduce . It can promote the fatty acid decomposition and fat cells apoptosis and get dissolve cellulite, slimming effect.

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HIFU LIPO Shaper Slimming Machine

Item number



Shape and slimming


dark purple






AC90 – AC240

Power supply


Packing size

Inside : Special high-grade leather suitcase

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