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Accelerate Hair Growth Laser MSLHL02

Do you bother by hair loss? If yes, you should try laser hair growth therapy. Accelerate Hair Growth Laser MSLHL02 It can stop hair loss and restore lost hair. After the therapy, your hair will become healthy and intensive.


Accelerate Hair Growth Laser Hair Care MSLHL02

laser hair therapy

Accelerate Hair Growth Laser Hair Care MSLHL02 Specification :


Diode Laser Hair Loss Therapy Device MSLHL02

Laser output power

650nm diode laser 320mw


808nm IR laser 2200mw

LED output power

630nm Red cool light 1000mw


460nm Blue Cool light 1000mw


580nm Yellow Cool light 2000mw

Treatment time


Pulsing time range


Pulsing Delay range


Input power:


LCD Screen

8inch multi color touch screen

Device Dimension


Package Dimension


Rated input voltage

AC230 10%,50Hz 1Hz

AC110V 10%,60Hz 1Hz (optional)

Net weight


hair regrowth treatment

MSLHL02 Laser Hair ReGrowth Machine Introduction:

Item Number Function
650nm laser  11pcs Modulate the hair follicles,improve regeneration ability of collagen fibers and promote metabolism.
808nm IR laser 34pcs Accelerate blood circulation, promote nutrient absorption,improve scalp health and hair quality.
Red light 144pcs Can make cell activity increasedm, promote cells metabolism, accelerate the blood circulation, control oil secretion.  
Blue light 144pcs Kill hair pathogenic bacteria effectively, kill the hidden fungi and mites deep in the hair follicles.
Yellow light 144pcs With wavelength 580nm can ease and treat sensitive skin effectively
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