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Best Laser Hair Removal Machine MSLDL01

Laser Hair Removal Machines for beauty and smoother Skin / Epilators Free, New Laser IPL Permanent Hair Removal machine for Face and Body Home.


Best Laser Hair Removal Machines MSLDL01

vaginal hair removal


Applications of MSL Laser Hair Removal Machines MSLDL01

1. Laser diode hair removal machine removes effectively hair from different parts of body: Armpit hair, beard,
lip hair, hair lines, bikini line, body hair and other unwanted hair.
2.Laser diode hair removal machine also reduces speckles; Telangiectasia or dilated blood vessels, deep
color nevus (birthmarks and moles) and many others skin marks.
diode laser hair removal machine
Features of Cheap Laser Hair Removal Machines MSLDL01
1. With long lasting sapphire crystal handpiece of laser diode hair removal machine that can be used
without replacement.
2. Laser diode hair removal machine with powerful semiconductor cooler; Air-water cooler ensures longer
good condition working. Water cycle and temperature checking system along with strongly heat abstractor
extend its service life and warranty a safe use.
3. Short treatment time will bring fast recovery for patients in laser diode hair remvoal machine
facial hair removal women

Specifications of New Laser Hair Removal Machines MSLDL01


Laser type

808nm Diode Laser (laser diode hair removal machine)


808nm /- 10nm

Pulse Width


Repetition Rate

1Hz~20 Hz

Energy Fluence


Beam Type


Skin Cooling

TEC Sapphire (< 5 C)

Laser Window

10× 16mm

Laser Cooling Liquid

Purified Water

Water Tank Volume


Handle Piece Flow Rate

3.5~4.5 L/min

LCD Screen

8' Touch LCD

Pedal Switch


Environment Temperature

5~28  C

Environment Moisture

< 80%

Input  VAC

220VAC /50 – 60 Hz(110VAC optional)






Portable Laser Hair Removal Machines MSLDL01


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