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Cheap PRP centrifuge machine MSLBC02

China Best cosmetic special fat purification PRP centrifuge machine MSLBC02 price, PRP & Fat Purification Centrifuge / Low Speed self-fat transfer centrifuge, Low cost Serologic Multipurpose Centrifuge with self fat purification for sale.


1. PRP centrifuge machine MSLBC02 Technical description
PRP&Fat Purification Centrifuge, operates on the principle of centrifugal sedimentation for the separation, purification or concentration of solution with different density particles.  
The centrifuge consists of housing, centrifugation chamber, drive system, control system and operating display panel, including rotors and tubes as accessory. 
prp centrifuge machine
2.PRP centrifuge machine MSLBC02 Technical Features
centrifuge, equipped with brushless motor, computer controller, door safety device etc. for simple operation, is widely used in the fields of biochemistry, radio immunity, environment protection, Chinese & western pharmaceutical for particles separation with different density.
3.1 PRP centrifuge machine MSLBC02 Technical Data


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