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Diode laser hair removal machine MSLDL04

Pubic hair removal doesn’t a very big issue. diode laser hair removal machine MSLDL04 At home laser hair removal laser treatment.


Diode laser hair removal machine MSLDL04 | permanent pubic hair removal

IPL, Diode, and Nd:YAG laser hair removal machines are systems that can effectively eliminate or reduce excessive hair growth. Many people experience permanent results, and treatment is fast and safe.

There is an abundance of options for laser hair removal systems, including IPL, the Nd:YAG laser, and the Diode laser hair removal machines. Some lasers are better than others for hair removal in specific areas, and there are some subtle differences between systems.

vaginal hair removal MSLDL04

Diode Laser

The Diode laser hair removal system involves a beam of concentrated light and heat that is directed into the hair follicles, and therefore to the melanin contained in them. The pigment absorbs the laser energy and is destroyed, inhibiting hair growth in the affected hair follicles. The laser energy is directed at these follicles while simultaneously protecting the surrounding skin from harm.
The Diode laser method of hair removal may involve several treatments. Each session with the laser is fast, and there is little to no down time. Side effects from Diode laser hair removal are minimal, but there may be redness on the treated area. This redness should disappear within two days.
pubic hair removal MSLDL04
Terminator T808-C system, uses special laser with long pulse-width 808nm, can penetrate to hair follicle. Using selective light absorption theory, laser can be preferentially absorbed by the melanin of the hair and then heating the hair shaft and hair follicle, morever to destroy the hair follicle and oxygen organization around hair follicle. When laser outputs, system with special cooling technology, cool the skin and protect skin from being hurt and reach a very safe and comfortable treatment.
2. Applications
Permanent Hair Removal
Skin rejuvenation
3. System Characteristics
1.Professional German military level Micro channel technology ensures the bar gets even radiation and steady laser output. The handpiece has a lifetime at 10,000,000 shots.
2. Top-quality Italian-imported water cooling system ensures to keep the real working temperature for the handpiece is 0'C. No freezing and foggy on treatment head guarantee 6 hours continuous safe working.
3.USA Medical water filtration system ensures the water without impurity in order to protecting the laser emitter and supporting long using time.
4.Industrial grade10" touch color screen with advanced intuitive and easy human-computer interaction software. The system provides 48 clinical parameter settings based on 4 skin colors and 6 treatment areas.
5.Patented system with multi-point automatic test function, online monitor in real time ( water flow, water temperature, water pressure, over current, over voltage, overload, etc.) ensures the low failure rate and high safety of handpiece.
6.Custom designed software which could setup and control the lifetime of the handpiece makes it convenient for rent.
7.Module designed power system to make the maintenance easy and more suitable for export or OEM service.
8. There are 7 languages ( English, Spanish, German, Arabic, Turkish,Korea, Japanese, etc.) for customers to choose.
diode laser hair removal machine MSLDL04
4. Treatment Characteristics
1.Dual hair removal mode of traditional (HR) mode and on-motion ( FHR) mode.
2.1000W laser module offered based on the customer request. No energy decreament, high power output.
3.More effective and comfortable with unique Dual-Pulse shot technology.
4.Suitable for all types of hair colors and skin colors.
5.Patent multi-function design combines HR and SR together in one system.
5. System Specifications



Laser Type

Germany Semiconductor laser emitter

Spot Size


Energy Density

1~120J/cm2 (HR Mode) Hair removal

25J/cm2 (FHR Mode) Fast hair removal

10J/cm2 (SR Mode) Skin rejuvenation

Repetition Frequency

1~10HZ (HR mode)

10HZ (FHR mode)

10HZ (SR mode)

Handpiece Cooling System

Sapphire TEC cooling Water cooling Real-time

Water System Cooling

USA High power condenser module Fan cooling
Real-time monitoring

Water System Protection

Italian Water Pump, water flow, water level, water
temperature etc.

Laser Emitter Protection

Over current, over voltage, overload, power failure etc.

Continuous Operation Time

6 hours

Filter System

USA Medical filtering system Real-time monitoring

Operation Parameter

48 treatment programmers for 4 types of skin colors


7 languages built in the system

Connection Method

Self-locking integrated plug

Machine Power

AC 230V 10% 15A






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