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Hair removal IPL cooling gel (300ml) MSLCC02

Quality hair removal cooling gel from Medsinglong Medical MSLCC02 for sale, IPL RF Beauty Equipment luxury skincare, hair care, makeup and beauty products for IPL Cooling Gel.


Hair removal IPL cooling gel (300ml) MSLCC02 for sale

IPL Cooling Gel
IPL Cooling Gel
1. Color options:  Transparent or Golden
2. Volume: 300ml/pc
3. Applied for face and body
4. Apply with RF,cavitation,  ultrasonic, IPL and other beauty device
hair removal cooling gel
IPL Cooling Gel
It contains a variety of alkaloids and vitamins, by activating fat microcirculation, improving the density of free fatty acids,which promote fat spliting to be excess fat to be water, oil state that it overflow from body,improving the skin which is with many line and much fat obviously.At the same time,the plant acid extracted from plant can form a protective film in the subcutaneous tissue, inhibiting fat to infiltrate into subcutaneous it, increasing fat density of surface metabolism layer, preventing sagging skin after weight loss, making your skin firm, plump. 
Quality hair removal cooling gel
Main component
1.synthetic houndfish oil,VB3
2. shea butter,dimethyl siloxane
3.REMODUL I NE( bioflavonoids ),Cactus extracts
4. Soybean isoflavones, azone
5. VE tocopheryl acetate
aloe vera gel
1. Whitening, firming and lifting skins 
2. Good for slimming and shaping body
3. Enhance the effect of RF & ULTRASOINC & NO NEEDLE MESOTHERAPY treatment
4. Effectively resist skin aging caused by ultraviolet radiation and hormone deficiency
5. Restore skin vitality and repair aging and dryness cell fiber tissue.
6. To help the synthesis of collagen, and make skin elastic and smooth.
Transparent color is used for facial careIPL Cooling GelIPL Cooling GelIPL Cooling Gel


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