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Automatic portable bidet MSLEB02 for sale

There are many usages for portable bidet: Automatic portable bidet MSLEB02 posterior wash, feminine wash, baby cleaning, for disabilities, public washroom, temporary lodging washroom, business trip or travel, outdoor exercise and so on.


Automatic portable bidet – wash whenever you want MSLEB02


*Built-in rechargeable battery, charging once durable for 1 month;

*Universal USB charging cable;

*Silicone waterproof material;

*Easy taking, small and light;

*Portable electric flusher product features and functions:

*Built-in rechargeable battery, a charge lasting for nearly a month;

*Silicone waterproof design.

*After two sets of splashes and small splashes of soft water can be converted to ladies' urination, the water splashes are powerful and powerful;

*Semi-circular spout, can accurately align the cleaning point, while rinsing and scraping, completely clean;

*Replace paper towels, completely clean, do not damage the skin, effectively prevent infections of various diseases in private parts;

*Provide anytime, anywhere personal hygiene care;

*Small and light, it can be carried with you, with your car, and with your bag. It is truly private;

*Save a lot of paper towels, and achieve organic combination of environmental protection, economy, comfort, and cleanliness;

*By gently pressing the button, you can clean your body, control the amount of water and spray water according to actual needs, and efficiently save water.

woman using bidet

Automatic portable bidet – wash whenever you want MSLEB02

Product Instructions and Specifications??

*Water Capacity: 165ml

*Net Weight: 230g

*Length: 15cm after for pocket, 36cm after for cleaning

*Continuous Spray: 135 seconds at low level, 135 seconds at high level

*Chargeable Battery: lithium battery 3.7V/500mA

*Max Power Consumption: 1.1 W

*Battery Spray Life: about 65 uses

??spray at high level after completely recharging??

*Battery Standby Time: about 60 days

*Battery Recharging Time: about 2.5 hours

*Applicable Water Temperature: 5-40??

woman using bidet

Automatic portable bidet – wash whenever you want MSLEB02

Irrigators and applicable places:

*Routine cleaning;

*Ladies after urinating

*Baby cleaning after changing diapers

*Disabled person

*Public toilets

*Temporary shelter

*Business travel

*Outdoor sports

woman using bidet

Suitable for the crowd:

*Acne patients;




*Female period;

*People with physical disabilities.

how to use a bidethow to use a bidet

how to use a bidet


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