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Best laser tattoo removal machine MSLPL05

Remove a wide range of tattoo colors & inks with Medsinglong MSLPL05 laser tattoo removal machines and equipment. Best laser tattoo removal machine MSLPL05 Industry leading tattoo removal lasers.


Best laser tattoo removal machine Introduction
Picosecond laser is a kind of laser technology, that is, each laser launch pulse duration (pulse width) to reach the picosecond level of laser.
1 second = 103 ms = 106 microseconds = 109 nanoseconds = 1012 picosecond pulse width is shorter, the effect of light conversion to heat is weaker, and replaced by the optical mechanical effects (similar to the shock wave), picoseconds even reached the light Breakdown effect. So the advantage of picoset comes, in addition to being able to more effectively smash the pigment particles (stains, acne marks, tattoos), but also can stimulate the deep collagen regeneration (fine wrinkles, pox pit). And most importantly, it is noninvasive.
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Rox Anderson and John Parrish, "the principle of selective photothermolysis", the shorter the laser action time, the target tissue to absorb the accumulation of laser energy is less likely to spread to the surrounding tissue, the energy was limited extent In the target treatment needs to protect the surrounding normal tissue, so the treatment of the stronger the selectivity. Picosecond laser pulse width is only one hundredth of the traditional Q-switched nanosecond laser, its excellent performance to ensure that picosecond laser pulse crushing of pigment particles more thoroughly, while the surrounding tissue damage.nd yag laser 532nm 1064nm 755nm pico pico laser Q-switched, Pico laser machine
1 second =103 Millisecond
=106 Microsecond
=109 Nanosecond
=1012 Picosecond
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Best laser tattoo removal machine Application
1, mild, stubborn chloasma treatment
2, deep pigmented lesions, such as Ota nevus, blue mole and so on
3, superficial pigment spots, such as freckles, age spots and so on
4, eliminate all kinds of color tattoo and tattoo, pattern line and so on
5, shrink thick pores, remove small capillaries expansion, effective improvement of acne and other auxiliary rejuvenation function
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Best laser tattoo removal machine Advantage
Can be improved the melanin, tattoo, wrinkles, concave scar four major troubles; can also stimulate the skin collagen regeneration
Treatment Effect:
the traditional laser need to do 10 times to remove the birthmark, picosecond laser only 2-3 times can be completely removed.
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Treatment time quickly:
About 10 to 15 minutes to complete, compared with the traditional laser treatment time is very fast, really "spike" stains.
The process is completely noninvasive:
After treatment is not easy to redness, recovery speed is very fast, only 3-5 hours, after the completion of life as usual maintenance, eliminating the traditional laser trouble recovery period.
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